Bi Phakathi,Bi Phakthi Act of Kindness Man Carrying Cans on His Body To Promote Recycling

Man Carrying Cans on His Body To Promote Recycling

Man Carrying Cans on His Body To Promote Recycling On This day biphakathi meet this man wearing a cans shirt and make promotional for recycling, which makes Him so impressed and so excited to bless the man.

He stops the man and asks him what he doing with this cans, which the man says to him that he making out of living on this cans recycling, he asks the man how much he making a day, and the man says to him that he making like every week 150rands, 200rands, which he said he

Promote Recycling

provides bread on the table for his family, which mean he is the bread winner of his family and that he was renting and life is not easy for him but with recycling, he can solve many things. while he did not go for asking from other peoples.

when you see him on the stresstes you may think he is not well, he has a mental illness but which he was so okay and he was so in love what he doing and what he is achieving for.

Promote Recycling

Know that he id doing this just to survived and making promotional to the recycling which many peoples did not see it as something which is professional, but ofcuse its and you can achieved millions out of it and make living as he is doing.

The man said to him I am promoting recycling because in the car there are peoples who have cans inside so if they saw this they will drop their cans which I can use to put them in my plastic bag and move on.

he said to him that life I not easy, and he ask him where he was from and which he reply he said he is from Zimbabwe. biphakathi pulled off like 1000 rand and give it to the man which he was so excited and so blessed.

The man thank Biphakathi so much so that he do not know what to say anymore only to tell him thank you so much.

Promote Recycling

Biphakathi pull of again like another 1000rand which make it 2000rands and give it to the man and he gain pull out like 400rands and 300rands give it to the man which make it like 2700rands, the man was so excited and the man stated that he is doing this because he wanted all the young youth who do not have job can do this and get money ,

stop rubbing, killing and stealing. Which you and i we all knows that is true and that how its should be , we have to help young generation to tech them how to make money and how to earn in living to help your self and help your family in other ways, neither this ways or that way.

but we all cant set and look young generation going in wrong ways and wrong direction which we all should not allow, this why this young man carrying Cans to recycling so that other young’s ones can see him doing it and making money and make living out of and they too follow the footstep of him doing the same.

Promote Recycling

Young ones are the future of the country and which we all has to come together and help, not only one person can do all this, let joins hands help each other, make humanity on another level, lets encourage and give each other hope to make things better for everyone and make things right in the community, lets love each other, never care the color we are all human and we will be remain as human for ever, so do not hesitate to hep each other neither you are black or white, after all we are human and there is noting can stop that.

lets make this world better place for every living things, lets not allow peoples go sleep with hungry, lets give our last cent to the peoples who need it the most than you. lets give out Donation to help others who need the help most. lets have mercy to each other, we have many young peoples who need help, we have many young peoples who need to have homes and off the streets both the black and white , in the eyes of GOD there is no color we are all human in the eyes of GOD.

which is so true, this day in south Africa there is more killing and rubbing every day both day and night, lets join hands and try to stop that and help the youth make good life in there future. together we can stop anything that’s not proper in our community and our society.

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