Bi Phakathi,Bi Phakthi Act of Kindness Homeless Man Sleep in his Car with his Wife This happen

Homeless Man Sleep in his Car with his Wife This happen

The story of a Disable Homeless man who sleep in his broken car after 2years with his wife after lost there apartment, this story will touch your heart and this will saw you that there is kalma on humanity.

We bring you a scenario of family who sleep in there broken car after 2years, on this day biphakathi meet a disable man on the streets looking for food to eat and survived biphakathi ask him that let me buy a cheeps at the store so that we can share and eat since we both hungry,

but we all know biphakathi is just looking for someone to bless and for sure he will bless him with the and what he deserved. while he when to the store to buy something for him to eat, he bought bread and drink together and gave it to him.

Homeless man

the man thank him so much what he has done for him, and he really appreciate everything he has done at the moment, before eating, Bi[phakathi ask him where do you live and the man reply that he live on the streets in his car with his wife, and he been ask where is your wife and he said that his wife also when out to find what they will eat, mean while they both go out looking for food to eat and when they have much bring at home and eat together.

We all know Live is so much difficult that, you cant Imaginable how life without 2legs and at the same time disable, you cant i imagine life without home and the same time you without 2legs and you cant do anything by yourself.

The man said they stole his care battery mean that the car cant work neither to start. and while they talking and he was so much hungry that he said can i eat which biphakathi reply ofcouse you can eat.

Homeless man

The man start praying before eating which will touch your heart and the man was so blessed that you can see the pain in his eyes while he was praying and the same time the happy face.

Biphakthi ask him to wait for him that he is going out and coming so soon which mean he when to bring him money to bless him and which is so heartwarming, within couples minutes biphakathi come back and ask him again you said you sleeping in your broken care with your wife and the man reply that correct.

he been ask where his car stand me an where he was sleeping with his wife, which he was explaining to him that the place he live and the location.

imminently biphakathi pull out cash R4500 and give to the man and told him that for him to find place to sleep and live with his wife, which so touch and heartwarming.

The man promised that he will find a place to sleep and live with his wife and he will never lie to him what he said which we all know the old man like him will not lie in such condition.

Homeless man

What is more heartwarming than this what biphakathi and the foundation doing for the entire country, where are others who has millions to spend on weaponds and give others to kill humanity, why they do not invest to help poor peoples and homeless peoples to give them hopes and satisfaction as others.

why other peoples cant do the same journey as biphakathi, peoples are suffering, there are millions of homeless and peoples who need help and sometimes they only need food to eat while you with millions in your house with your family threw food everyday while others are sleeping g with empty stomach and others are even dying with hungry.

why we cant come together and make this world better place for everyone especially poor and homeless, no one choose to be poor and even you choose to be homeless but it was not your wish to be.

Biphakthi given poor hope given homeless hope that there life can be change at anytime, he feeding poor peoples and feeding hungry peoples, he and his foundation doing the best even the presidents are not doing that for there peoples,

he make sure peoples do not sleep hungry with empty stomach, and he make sure to buy your self something and start up business which you can help your self and help your family.

where are the others who can do more than him, instate of they join hands and help peoples but they hurting him ti shut him down which they do not like what he doing fro the public , what the doing for the community, what he doing for poor peoples, what he doing for homeless peoples and what he doing for the country.

there are many peoples who do not like what he doing but GOD will never watch those wicked humans hurt him, he will always win and he will never fall, because he punting smile to whole the country and the entire world the good deeds what he doing for the public.

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