Uncategorized Homeless Man looking For Food with his Dog This Happened

Homeless Man looking For Food with his Dog This Happened


Homeless Man looking For Food with his Dog This Happen, We bring you the story of the homeless man and his Dog looking for food to eat and place to live but unfortunately he meet with Bi Phakathi which make his day and put smile on his face with his dog. we always updated you the good things and kindly heated doing by biphakathi does for the community and still doing for the community, the nation and her peoples.

While he was going on the streets looking for place to  find where to get rest and nap with his dog and carrying his blankets, unfortunately he meet with bi phakathi, show him long distance and approach to him, then ask him did you eat today? the man reply to him that

I did not eat I am looking for food to eat with my dog and find some place to rest and sleep. And tell him that I did need 20 Rand to buy food to eat with my dog , and the man ask him he need work, he need job.

Bi phakathi ask him to wait for him to come but the guy thing that he will not come again and insisted that let he gave him 20rands  he can buy food somewhere on his way at the store , the good Samaritan ask him to wait for him like  2 mins or more he will back .

But the man did not have interest to wait for him because he did not trust that he will come back, we all understand without any critics, because a hungry man did not know to wait. Then he start going, at one moment, bi phakathi saw him again follow him  but this time he will get what he did not expected.

Bi phakathi buy him a food from the store and meet him again and ask him did you meet with me before which he was tasted the man if the mans can remember him, if the man memory is good. The man said to him he looking for place to sleep with his dog, meaning he did not recognized him, but this time bi phakathi bought food for him which he can eat right present moment and hands to him at the same time gave him so cash which can help him, he never know what biphakthi have for him in his car.

The man thank him so much for the good deed he did for him and his dog, and biphakathi ask him to wait and he bring out the the food package which he handed to him and the man was so happy that he can’t thank him enough.

The Man keep on going with happy smile on his face and his dog, at one moment biphakathi approach to him again in different direction and approach to him again and ask him again did I meet with you before then the man can’t say anything, what he can say is that he walk so long and he was very tired and so much tired.

Bi phakathi pull off some cash and give to him like 300rans again which make it like 500rands and he ask him where did you get the food package from which he was tested his memory if he has good memory or not, but still the man can’t recognized who gave him the food package . But the man worry was place to sleep and he was so worry for job, but biphakathi pull again money to give it him, he was so grateful and so much happy that you can’t imagine how happy he was.

Bi phakathi make sure he is good and he has good place to stay and sleep with his dog, bi phakathi has gave him a total of 1500rands which can help him to start what he want. Since he is alone and his dog, while he was looking for work.

Then bi phakathi has to tell him he was the one who gave him the food package, then his memory has recover and he recognized biphakathi and remember that yes you are the one who gave me and thank him so much that, you can see the happiness and smile on his face.

Thank you for watching this video and for everyone who supporting biphkathi on his social media, when I said support, as a subscriber you are supporting because since you was watching bi phakathi vidoes mean you are suppoting his journey on what he is doing for the community and peoples, and we all know the beautiful things what he is doing for the public.

He is the one who give hopeless peoples hope, give homeless peoples hope to get back there life and get on their fit. He was the one who create business for community, weather you white or black he is the kind of person who the world need and who the world always need.

So please let’s help and support this Good Samaritan on the beautiful things what he is doing for the community and share his videos to the world that can change the world. Together we can change the world, when we have similar peoples like this; this world will be better place for both the poor and the rich.

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