bi phakathi Act of kindness,Bi Phakthi Act of Kindness Homeless Family has No Food And No Place to Stay and there live change forever

Homeless Family has No Food And No Place to Stay and there live change forever

Homeless Family has No Food And No Place to Stay and there live change forever. To be Kind to your fellow Human being is the most powerful blessing, Today we will bring you a story of a family who the man of GOD bi phakathi has changed there the entire day,…

Homeless Family

On this day bi phakathi meets a family of a woman and her husband seating on the streets while they are so hungry that they are even tired of walking. 

but when bi phakathi the man of GOD bi phakathi approach to them and ask them, greeting with respect band the man and the woman ask him they need only 2or 3rans just to buy food to eat, which they were so hungry that they did not eat the whole day,

which is so sad, but everything has happened for a reason, GOD makes them sit there so that he GOD can send someone t them which has happened.

but instated after they ask biphakathi to buy Food, biphakathi asks them, what can I do for you guys if has to help you, which they reply that, they have no place to stay and they need to place,

Homeless Family

to stay and which biphkatahi asks them the cost of the stay, which they said the area they are is very expensive which is like, they ask someplace and they said its cost like 3000rands and the woman said but there is some place which is cheaper than that.

which biphakathi pull out like 100rans and give them to buy food, which they surprised and the woman started crying but we all know that is the cry of joy which is a surprise to her that happen while they are hungry and need food.

Then again bipkathi pulled off like 200rans and give it to the woman and the woman was suck that, she can’t talk, then again bi phakathi pull off like 100rnad and give it to the man also which now they both have like each 200rand for there food.

which is incredible and they were happy that they could not know what to d. imagine it was just 400rand on the day which they were hungry and expecting to sleep hungry and 400rnads came nowhere what a day and blessing to the family.

Homeless Family

Then biphakthi take them to go aside and speak which the man want to pray for biphakathi and which he accepted, then the man pray. bi phakathi pull off like a bunch of cash like 2500rand and give it to a woman tell them that it for them all.

and bi phakthi bring them to the car boot and show them foodstuffs which he said all belong to you and which they all surprise and man was such like a woman was also so much that she even said that she is so happy to for the blessing GOD send to them, through Bi phakathi.

let be of mercy to each other, no one prays to live in poverty, we all wish to have money and help others which humans ask for. humans do not aware but the money you work for yes we all know that is your money,

but sooner or later it will all go, or if it’s not all gone, sooner or later you will die and leave your money behind. you see the money you give out is the money you won, the one you eat is not yours, is vain.

Homeless Family

so let’s help each other and bless each other, bi the motivation to others like bi phakathi, he is the man we will say is a man of GOD, you will never see his face until you meet him to get his blessing then you know who GOD send to you.

there are lot of peoples who doing this act of kindness to peoples in there community, homeless peoples and the peoples who need it the most. there are many millionaires in the world, but to help people who need the most is the problem.

there are lot of peoples who are really suffering, who do not have food to eat, who cant afford breakfast or dinner for them self, who always sleep hungry and wake up hungry, that is unfair so, While others are sleeping good with there families, while they spoiling food and throwing out food.

but we have this kind of human who helping his fellow humanity, community providing food for the poor and the most needy peoples. read More related article here

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