Bi Phakathi,Bi Phakthi Act of Kindness He Made This Old Man Cry When He Surprised Him

He Made This Old Man Cry When He Surprised Him

He Made This Old Man Cry When He Surprised Him, He Was Drifting Not Knowing Where To Get Food Now.

Today we bring you the story video of a man who has nothing to eat and needs food, he does not know where to go, but all suddenly Bi Phakathi

comes from nowhere and parks his car on the other side of the Road, waited for cars to pass until the man meet him, he asks the man, and greet the man with respect and fun laughing together,

and ask again the man How are you and hope everything is fine, the man reply that, sure everything is fine, what should we complain and where to complain, which BiPhakathi told him, just like fun you can complain to me I am your friend,

which we all understand on that point that he cares for everyone neither his country nor outside his county, he is a man who does not differentiate the color, what a beautiful soul he is. 

In the eyes of the man, you see the pain, frustration, and hunger which he facing but he does not want to say it, we all know that normal especially someone just meets you on the streets, you can see the man looking like he is also a hardworking man, by looking.  

Bi Phakathi then pulls off 100rans and gives it to the man, the man holds it and tears it out from his eyes meaning he is in pain and Biphakathi sees the pain he facing.  

then Biphakathi asked him are you fine, which means Bi Phakathi already saw the pain inside the man and the man needs food at the moment and help.

He said to Biphakathi thank you so much and he was so much grateful and so emotional, but hey he will be fine, and again Bi Phakathi, tell him did anyone surprise you which he said no one surprise him and which he care and Bi Phakathi asks him why you cry just 100rans and which he said no one helping him, meaning he is in real pain with old age, which means he has no help and nowhere to go and ask help in terms of money.

BiPhakath again pulls off like 100rans and gives it to him again, he is surprised and thanks so much for what he doing for him.

The BiPhkatahi again pull off like 400rand and give him to count, which the man sucked, by looking in his eyes you will notice that he was so much that he could not talk at all, again BiPhakathi give him and cash which will be like 400rand, again and again, he pulls off another cash which will be like maybe 400rand so in the estimate, the man most goes home with 2000rand which he not expecting at all.

Then he asks Biphakathi why you doing this which he said, I am doing this because I care, which mean he values people’s pain and he sees how pain peoples going through and he sees the love that some has to deserve but no one is not there for them to give them love and motivation.

and said to the man let me come down to show you how I care for you and love you, he come off from his car and give a hug to the man and told the man that I love him and let him go and buy food. which the man needs the most because from the start of the video the man told him 100rands will take him like 3 weeks of food.

What a man of GOD BiPhakathi , why people cant is like Biphakathi to value humanity and stop selfish help each other. they can give money to buy guns, so people can kill each other, but to make peoples suffer is very same as our leaders.

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