Bi Phakathi,Bi Phakthi Act of Kindness Disable Homeless Man Sell His Crotches and This Happens

Disable Homeless Man Sell His Crotches and This Happens

Disable Homeless Man Sell His Crotches to Biphakathi and this happens you can’t believed it. On this day Bi Phakathi meets this Homeless man seating on the streets baking for what he will eat, bi phakathi asks him, how much he made on that day and he replies that the day was a bad day for him which means he did not make anything on that day.

and the moment he was ask his name while he was eating bread and which he replies and biphakathi ask him who gave him the bread and what he eating which he replies that one woman gave him that bread and what he was eating the moment bi phakathi meet hi,


and which mean he was so hungry at the moment. thank you to the woman who gave him that bread it was so blessing.

Bi phakthi ask him about the crouches that he use to walk since the man was diable, bi phakathi asked him how much these crouches cost which he said is like expensive

and bi phakthi ask him how much which he said it like 600rands, and bi phakathi said if I give you 600rands will sell the crouches to me which he replies sure I will and bi phakthi ask him then if you sell how will you go home and walk which he reply to him that will make a plan and find a way Which is so touched.

Homeless Man

Bi phakathi ask him again are you sure you will sell to me which he said to him yes I will sell to you and he ask biphakathi, what will you do this crouches for, which bi phakathi replied that I will give it to someone and he accepted and bi phakathi said to him what about to give you 500rands and he agreed.

Then bi phakathi pull off like 500rands a give it to him which he hands the crouches to bi phakathi, and then bi phakathi ask him, how would you walk,

he told bi phakathi do not worry, my friend will come and he will take me, which is so sad, but we all know bi phakathi is testing him, and he asks him again and he said to bi phakathi do not be stress my friend will come for me.

Homeless Man

Bi phkathi gave the man the crouches and said the man 500rands is yours I am just testing you the man was so emotional and grateful which he thanked bi phakathi so much and he said to him that this helping me so much and its lot for me and I am so grateful to you.

The man walks in his crouches and when to the store and brings along a gift to bipakathi which he said, he was trying to sell these things but since bi phakathi give him this he wants to give this gift to bi phakathi from his heart, which is so touched and bi phakathi said to him thank you so much and I will never forget you.

He ask bi phakathi why which bi phakathi said to him you made my day with this beautiful gift.

again bi phakathi pull off like 1500Rands and give to the man and said to him to count, which the man counted and said to bi phakathi i will book a rest house today to rest myself and keep warm.

and he was so grateful and so thankful to bi pakathi and again bi phakathi told him never sell your crouches to anyone, which the man promised that he will not.

Homeless Man

But we all understand why he did that and we all understand that no one is coming for him he just sells it because he needs food. and which everyone will do. thank bi phakathi for the good deed to the Homeless disabled man.

Remember in this life we have shot period of time and its temporary. the disable man sell his crochets for food because he knows right now there was no options for him, he has no food neither money no buy something to eat,

and he even lie that his friends coming for him which we all knows that its not true bur by the we after all we understand the humanity and what he need at that moment.

Homeless Man

life is full with surprised never ignored anyone and never thing you are better than any one on this earth, if you can help do help, if you cant help just let it go, but there are lot of peoples has money,

and still there community and peoples struggling for food and somethings they sleep without anything in there stomach. let all be kind like Mr Bi pahakthi who helping the community and give hope to peoples in there life after they want to give up.

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