Bi Phakthi Act of Kindness Dad Surprised Daughter on her Special Birthday: Bi Phakathi

Dad Surprised Daughter on her Special Birthday: Bi Phakathi

On this Day Biphakathi made the Homeless man Surprised his beautiful Daughter on her birthday, biphakathi ask this homeless man while he was with his friends when is your daughter’s birthday,?

which he said, his daughter’s birthday was that very day, and Biphakathi ask him he wanted him to make a surprised his daughter and made her a special birthday party with her father and his friends, which bi phakathi already bought, everything that is needed on her birthday and bring them to her father and said her father that, we will surprise her with this gift which will make her special birthday, Biphakathi brought her a cake, flowers, and so many gifts,

Biphakthi asks the man to leave everything that you doing and we make this birthday special which the man did with his friends and prepared everything. biphakathi made all of them busy oh their friend’s birthday which so cared and so special, and which is so emotional in the eyes of everyone.

Biphakathi made the father hold the flower and the other friends hold the other gifs which they will all give it to their friend’s daughter to show her how his father and his friends love and appreciate her and are proud of her.

biphakthi told the man his daughter should not see the flower and he has to hide everything to make her surprised on her day, that made the man hide the flower at his back, made her a surprising gift.

The man confessed that this was the first time to make this to his daughter, it had been a long, long time since he did not do this for his beautiful daughter due of lack of financial stability and been a homeless and which we all understand is a homeless you must be thinking about shelter than much of this, but thanks for biphakathi to made this happened and make him a proud father and cared father.

The man was so emotional been a long time he did not make a birthday for her daughter, and when this day comes, it will be emotional right?

As they call her daughter to come down to her father and the daughter is coming to answer her father’s call,  when she approached him, which she called him a respected words as yes papa, meaning that the daughter really show her father more respected as even he is homeless.

the beautiful action stated the Father scared daughter and approach her with birthday singing with the flower and while other of his friends holding other gifts and then the father gives a hug to the daughter, with emotional for both the daughter and father, they hug each other for so long and at this moment we all know what is going on, ofocused the father was crying so hard and so emotional.

The Daughter was so happy and so Emotional about what happened which did not happen for so long and the daughter was so thankful and so grateful for what biphkathi made her father so proud and so happy to care and think about her always, she turn to hug her father so tied and so emotional. to show him how she loves him and how she appreciated the gift and the birthday present.

On the spot, Biphakathi pulls off like 800rand to give to her daughter for her present which she was so grateful and then turn the money that biphakthi gave the daughter it will not be seen clearly if you do not watch so carefully the daughter give half of the money to her father, what a beautiful daughter.


Again BiPhakathi give out the cash like 200Rands and give it to the man again and give each of his friends 200rands to make sure they all feel great and happy which is so emotional to all, and the man told biphakathi if he shows anyone who needs help from them and if biphakathi need help from them, they will always be there and ready to help.

What a beautiful soul and beautiful man biphakathi …. let’s bless each other, let’s make difference in the world, and let’s show love and kindness to each other.

Thank you for reading and do not forget to share to the world to show the love and the kindness of biphakathi to the people in the world.

This is how world should be to help each other rather than putting each other in danger as always, we need this kind of peoples in the society not peoples who differentiate humans, in the eyes of GOD we all human are only humans, so either you are rich or poor, we are all the same. `

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