Bi Phakathi,Bi Phakthi Act of Kindness Biphakathi Surpised Homeless boy with R10,000 and Change His Life

Biphakathi Surpised Homeless boy with R10,000 and Change His Life

On this day biphakathi meets this Handsome Homeless Man on the streets, while he was cleaning the grass on the people’s gate and their compound gate which, bi phakathi was so impressed about it and he was so excited about the man and what he doing.

then he stopped to ask the man, what he doing, the man replied that he is cleaning people’s gate to earn money, which bi phakathi ask him, how much you charge to clean,


then the man said he was not charging he is just doing, like anything the owner has can dash him, which mean he was not prizing his work, it will leave to the owner how much you will give him for the work, which is so smart.

Then bi phakathi ask him, what can you do, like if someone has to help you at this point, which he said, he will like to have tools, and do business, he love and like what he doing so it will be so grateful for him to have those tools and start work.

then he said him who owns the tools you work with, which he said is owned by someone and he borrows from somewhere. then bi phakathi ask him if I should help you out who can hold your money and take care of your money, make it to good use.

then the man replies that his sister will take care of the money and will help her to do things that he wanted to do. the bi phkathi asks him for her sister and he took bi phakathi to her sister’s residence and approaches the gate he shows the biphakathi where his blanket lay,

meaning the place where he use to sleep, is the residence gate where his sister live, and he calls her sister to come out, which his sister did and then bi phakathi explained to her sister that, he said you are his sister and he is homeless, which mean he has no place to live. but I want to help him to start over and get her life back.


bi phhkathi ask him why he is on the streets which he did not lie about and he gave him an honest answer he said he choose the bad side which means he choose to be on drugs, then bi phakathi ask him are you clean now from drugs,

which he said that he did not clean 100% but he doing his best to get back his life, which means he working hard to free from drugs, which is impressive and so good to hear, after when you realized that you destroyed your life because of drugs and now you want to have your life back.

bi phakathi told him I will help you to get your life back but never try to use drugs out of that, which is a warning to him and bi phakathi told him I can find you anywhere from here, the boy promised that he will do as how bu phakathi wanted him,

Bi phakathi told his sister that, I want to him and I will help him to be a good person and get his life and get off from the streets and build up a business for himself, help himself and help his future.

bi phakathi pull off a bunch of money and give it to the boy’s sister and ask her to count, which she counted like 5000rands, and said to him that it 5000rands and biphakathi said t her is for him and help him to change his life and get off from the streets, make it in good use.

the woman sucked and tell biphakathi I saw you in Facebook, you are the one helping peoples, which bi phakathi denied its not him, but of course is him, but he just does not like to reveal his identity to the public and that right and smart.

Homeless Man Counting Money

Then the boy said he did not know what to say and he did not have what to say, he never had such a big amount of money like this. he said to bi phakathi thank you so much, but he instate insisted and said is not him is GOD which is the fact,

GOD bless him but he send bi phakathi to instate to give him the blessing that the boy deserved and change his life instance, so have this mind and believe, confident and have the courage that GOD can change your life at any minutes, any seconds of your time.

Bi phakathi told him I did not finish yet, then he pull off again like a bunch of money and give it to his sister and told his sister to count the money, which she did and it was like 5000rands again,

meaning all together is 10,000rands he said to him its all yours but it’s for change your life, not for drugs, that is why he gave it to his sister so that his sister can give him good care and help him to buy working tools what he wants and what kind of business he wants to do and get his life back to normal.

Homeless man Hug his sister

Then he biphakathi give the man warning that let he use the money in a good way and let him buy clothes and take good care of himself and get off from the streets, he said to the man he will find him and see how he moving and his business. which we all call humanity and beautiful life in humans.

Always believe in GOD and know that GOD can change the way you live but only when you are ready to help yourself then GOD will bless you and give you hand for help, pray always and work hard on what you are praying for, it will come neither sooner nor later but you must see what you are praying for.

Let’s help each other, never think that you are black I will not help white, never think you are white I will not help black, after all, that we are all human and we are all 1 in the eyes of our lord GOD. Who takes care of everything at the same time.

let’s help each other and change this world, and make a huge difference in this world.

This channel is all about the kindness of biphakathi to the world and the community. thank you for watching and do not forget to subscribe and share to change the world for a better place for both poor and rich. see you in the next video

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