Bi Phakthi Act of Kindness Bi phakathi Change Hungry woman life for ever

Bi phakathi Change Hungry woman life for ever

This is a story of a woman who is hungry and had only 10cent,to buy food to eat, but suddently she meet with Bi phakathi who pretended to be poor and hungry to test the woman if she will be willing to share her 10cent even she is hungry and hard only that little money.

She gave her only 10 cents she had to buy food and this happene, Meet a Man of God Who made a difference in the community to open doors for peoples who needs it the most.

Do you know that, what we can learn in the community this day, peoples who need it the most are the peoples who are willing to share the last and little thing they had with others?

Bi Phakathi

She gave her only 10 cents she had to buy food and this happened

In this video, you will learn why you should be always ready to share the little thing you have with anyone else, who needs it more than you do.

This woman come from nowhere and biphakathi saw her coming and feel very tired and while bi phakathi saw the woman and approached her and ask her for only 2rans, which he said to the woman that he want to buy chips.

But unfortunately, the woman wanted to give her what she got, and start searching but unfortunately, the woman manage to find only one rant in her pocket which he gave to bi phakathi.

And said this is all that I have and biphakathi replied only 1rants she said yes this is all I got, but she never knows what comes next. When she gave that biphakathi

and biphakathi gave her back the 1rans and the coins that he has in his hand, and give her back which, which biphakathi relished, how difficult she is facing right now. and biphakathi ask her,

her name which she replies as Marina and biphakathi asked her, where she was from right now, which she replied that she is from delivering some steel,

which she deliver and get to buy cigarette, and now she want to buy bread which she going to deliver steel so that she can get bread. and bi phakathi ask her how much bread cost which said like 5rands and said to him now you give me 5rands mean I have bread.

Biphakathi asks her if she is working and she replies that she is unemployed, biphakathi reply, to her that he knows, which means he just testing her and the woman wanted to leave.

what a man of GOD bi phakathi stop her again and ask her can you count, the woman replies sure she can count and biphakathi gave her 200rands when the woman holds the 200rants she cries,

that’s mean you can see the pain in her eyes and at the same time she is so excited and hug biphakathi. Biphakathi gives her again another 300rans and gives another extra 100rans, and the woman continues crying.

Biphakathi asks her is that enough for her, the woman replies sure this is alright and biphakathi asks her if this is something that God is doing for her.

And pull out again like 1100rans and give to her, which the woman continuously crying, because she never believed this and she is so emotional and so excited about what happened.

And the total money biphakathi gave to the woman was 1700rans which is good for the old woman. and the old woman ask her how do you find me, biphakathi replied to her that he saw her on the other side and make a turn to meet her and blessed her.

Bi phakathi: She gave her only 10cent for food and this happens

Biphakathi said to her is not about him is about GOD who blessed her not him and said to her GOD loves you more than he does, which is the fact and reality. The woman said to her.

And the woman said to him I do not really expect this and biphakathi ask her name is Maryna. And the woman said that tomorrow will be her daughter’s birthday, who will turn 15, and it is so blessing to her family that she will buy cake and gifts for her daughter’s birthday.

Thank you GOD and Thank you Biphakathi for the blessing to her and her family. Remember GOD always brings things into your life at the right time.

Look at this tomorrow is her daughter’s birthday which, biphakathi did not know and GOD said to biphakathi that tomorrow is this woman’s daughter’s birthday and she did not have anything to make her birthday special. And GOD sends biphakathi to her and bless her.

What a blessing and Man of GOD biphakathi.

Advice to everyone who meets with biphakthi once and he blesses you, please be capitalized on that and make it good use, if it’s a lot of money make it plan to start your own business,

and be off the streets because he will be so much happy to see you start your own business than to see you on the streets baking and suffering, mean you choose to be on the streets better than good life. Be wise and use it wisely.

This Channel is all about biphakathi blessing updates to the community and the people in the community and the society, how to use your blessing biphakathi give you, and how he will be so happy to see you become the change person and a better person to help yourself and your family.

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  1. It's Grace, you are truly sent from heaven may you live long. I so wish to see you one day n my life will never be the same

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